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Winter ID 2011 by MotherOC-Quinn Winter ID 2011 :iconmotheroc-quinn:MotherOC-Quinn 7 4 Sketch dump in August by MotherOC-Quinn Sketch dump in August :iconmotheroc-quinn:MotherOC-Quinn 4 12 Eight sketches by MotherOC-Quinn Eight sketches :iconmotheroc-quinn:MotherOC-Quinn 4 9 No uniform by MotherOC-Quinn No uniform :iconmotheroc-quinn:MotherOC-Quinn 4 18 So practical by MotherOC-Quinn So practical :iconmotheroc-quinn:MotherOC-Quinn 10 23 Sketch dump... in color by MotherOC-Quinn Sketch dump... in color :iconmotheroc-quinn:MotherOC-Quinn 6 9
...Aipe? *He frowns somewhat*
*was behind Quinn*
Come with me *drags Quinn away*
Wha-- *is dragged away*
*looks around to make sure no one is around*
*hugs Quinn*
*Tenses instinctively, still not trusting her at first* Um... Aipe?
*sneaks in* Huh?
Qunn... I'm sorry ;_;
You mean you were... lying to the Starman that whole time?
I knew there was some good in you Aipe.
But even when you sliced my arm open? *He stares at her warily, wanting to forgive her but still a little nervous*
*Kirsten runs in the room happily and grins at both of them* Hey guys!
*As he's about to hug Aipe back finally, he glances up suddenly at Kirsten* Uh, oh, hi Kirsten!
*giggles and looks at Aipe* I'm sorry, did I interupt something?
*He shrugs and hugs Aipe* I'm just glad you're not... uh, evil after all...
*Her smile turns into an immediant frown, and she back away* ...Sorry...
motheroc-C-Kirsten>A-anyways... what happened to the Starman?
I fought him. & I won....
:iconmotheroc-quinn:MotherOC-Quinn 2 6
New uniform?  Sorta by MotherOC-Quinn New uniform? Sorta :iconmotheroc-quinn:MotherOC-Quinn 4 5 Yes by MotherOC-Quinn Yes :iconmotheroc-quinn:MotherOC-Quinn 1 33 Miss Marshmallow Doodle by MotherOC-Quinn Miss Marshmallow Doodle :iconmotheroc-quinn:MotherOC-Quinn 1 2 ... by MotherOC-Quinn ... :iconmotheroc-quinn:MotherOC-Quinn 5 9 Tiniest pairing picture ever by MotherOC-Quinn Tiniest pairing picture ever :iconmotheroc-quinn:MotherOC-Quinn 10 58 scribble ID by MotherOC-Quinn scribble ID :iconmotheroc-quinn:MotherOC-Quinn 2 8 MEMES by MotherOC-Quinn MEMES :iconmotheroc-quinn:MotherOC-Quinn 11 8 Sketches 1 by MotherOC-Quinn Sketches 1 :iconmotheroc-quinn:MotherOC-Quinn 7 24 ID again by MotherOC-Quinn ID again :iconmotheroc-quinn:MotherOC-Quinn 3 13
Pictures or writing about me, my friends, or both.

Random Favourites

RP Chatroom 1-1-2010 no.2
*randomly sitting there* owo
*sits next to Sena*
*sits next to Senavi and Quinn*
*tilts his head slightly* ...oh...?
*turns himself towards Quinn, lifts his arm.....andpokes him*
Hey! What-- *turns and sees Sena* Oh, hello Sena!
*laughs and goes over to sit next to the boys as well* Thank goodness it's so peaceful...~
*giggles* hi, Mr. Quinn ^W^
*smiles* So what've you been doing lately? *looks at Paula* And... yes, I don't like fighting much.
doing..? *smiles* not too much..~ just relaxing, a bit..*stops for a secon uopn hearing paula* oh!....that...that's Paula..!*smiles* hello there...!
It's sort of nice, I guess, just to sit here without anything happening.
*jumps* oh..?
8D hi mister Porky sir..!
*turns his head* Hello there King P.
*Marches over to them* Greetings, TURDS.
*sees Porky* Oh, hello Mr. Minch.
who's that, mr. Porky..? *grins, obvious to the real meaning* a good buddy of yours..?
*Grins, as he bends down to them* Kyahahah...
*frowns* Turd
:iconmotheroc-aipe:MotherOC-Aipe 2 0
Mature content
Don't Trust Porky :iconmother2-paula:Mother2-Paula 4 55
RP Chatroom 31-12-2009
*looks around* Uhmm, hi.
Oh, hi Aipe!
Hi! *jumps a little when she hears Aipe* ah, I'm starting to get used to that... ^-^;
Cider? D> Uhoh.
Is this going to be like last time you brought drinks?
...What he said. D>
most likely C:
...*groans* Just don't feed P--King P. too much, okay?
I don't think I'll be drinking any, thank you.
but it was fun C8
*looks at Paula in slight surprise and satisfaction* So you call him by his proper name now.
fat man?
King P.
Who's King P.?
You mean Porky?
who's king p
Uhm. ^-^; Y-yes, I do, Quinn... *uneasy, glances at Porky* A-ah, don't be mean to Aipe, please, K...King P. D>
... What's going on? *confuzzled*
I'm not sure... I just walked over here.
I promise I'll stop annoying you if you let me breath underwater~ C:
Ohhhh. I thought you meant die like....
...FFFFF- Who brang along the wacko?
*Looks at Aipe* YOU ARE NOT INVITED.
:iconmotheroc-aipe:MotherOC-Aipe 1 0
words are the translations
of lifetimes.
and i speak the invisible architecture
of my body.
there are back-lit hills
in every direction;
dark crests that hold
the inevitability of the sea
on the other side.
recollections go out like
the vapid ribbons of breath,
occupy their origins
as fragments of myself.
i am everywhere
i'll ever be.
ever been.
the other side
is a perpetual expulsion;
is exclusive and perpetrating;
is the establishment of desire.
i follow the iron shove of the river
to the lake, green with cold.
ice rides the water
and the careful geometry of chance
like triangular wax sheets.
they overlap,
hold what might be hands
on their way out to where
the river widens absurdly
into lake.
gray ascends, turns the clouds
a dirty purple.  the wind never stops,
has nowhere to stay.
i reach the end of possibility,
the border of limitation;
i am the only one here,
so i speak to myself
about what is already well known.
the tongue curves over the living paragraph
of the voice,
:iconantonfrost:antonfrost 233 72
RP Chatroom 29-12-2009
*jumps* Oh hi Aipe...!
Oh! *jumps a little* Oh, hi! ^-^
D8> Why?
What? o.o AGAIN? Why? ^-^" You seem to like that lab a lot...
is that bad? C:
Y-yes! D8<
*somewhat conflicted, so stays quiet* o_o;
It's a VERY bad place.
so? C:
They'll kill you! D8
S-so, uhm, you could get hurt... D>
Or killed! *glances at Kirsten*
no they won't C:
How do you know that...?
How do YOU know?
It takes a lot more than some dumb soldiers to kill me! C8<
It's not just soldiers! D: There are vicious Chimeras that'll shred you to bits!
I think she already knows that, Kirsten. ^-^"
As do I, unluckily...
awright then
Okay, but be careful! D> *glanes at Kirsten* She might cry if we don't...
So where are we going?
The... Labs. *laughs sheepishly*
:iconmotheroc-aipe:MotherOC-Aipe 1 14
Chatroom RP 28-12-2009
I didn't get everything, but basically the conversation is that Aipe has been letting Chimeras escape from the lab and released the Ultimate Chimera
  Big pink one? *headtilts* What is that one like? *glances at Kirsten worriedly* I-I'm sorry I asked...
*nervously squirms* S-sure...
I'm fine! Really!
hey look!
*UC is heading towards them*
*has a bad feeling about this*
you said they were brainwashed so he's gonna be nice
Brainwashed as in BADLY.
aipe! D> Why'd you let it out?! Should we run now? *backs up more*
*glances at Aipe* Wait, why did you let it out?
*charges toward the UC* I'll take care of this!
It looked sad ;3;
I don't think that - KIRSTEN! D>
Bad idea....
but the snakechickens were nice ;3;
Yeah, because they're not really meant to murder things.....
how was i supposed to know DX
This thing is meant to?! D> KIRSTEN!! Be careful! D>
*slams the button down and the chimera falls to the ground*
*goes over too it*
I dunno.... put it back in it's ca
:iconmotheroc-aipe:MotherOC-Aipe 2 0
RP Chatroom 12-29-2009
Master Belch: Now. Where is that pigmask?
Pigmask: Walking along, singing a song! ^_^ *Sees Belch* O_O
Paula: *watching; has managed to get off the UC*
Master Belch: *Burps* Ah, you must be the piggy guy. Do you have the badge?
Pigmask: *Waves hand in front of mask to get rid of the smell* You're the guy that wanted this? *Holds up badge*
Paula: *headtilts, still wondering why Belch wants the badge*
Master Belch: Ghe! I'm not a guy. Give it here piggy. I got your little DP here.
*Slimey pile with a bag of money approaches*
Pig Mask: I'm not sure...
Paula: *frowns, headtilts*
Master Belch: Just hand it over.
Pig Mask: ..........fine. *Throw the badge, landing on the ground in front of Belch*
Paula: Poor Belch... *frowns* He just wanted it, huh...? But for what? *still watching worriedly*
Master Belch: *Arms extends from body, grabbing the badge and placing it on his exterior* Ahhhh...finally. Take your cash, Piggy.
Master Belch: Pig Mask: *Takes DP and runs away as fast as possible*
:iconeb-masterbelch:EB-MasterBelch 2 0
Sketches 2 by Mother2-Paula Sketches 2 :iconmother2-paula:Mother2-Paula 4 18 Sketches 1 by Mother2-Paula Sketches 1 :iconmother2-paula:Mother2-Paula 1 12 LAcas by Gummie-Alien LAcas :icongummie-alien:Gummie-Alien 10 135 Oh by MotherOC-MC Oh :iconmotheroc-mc:MotherOC-MC 6 13 Let it snow already by MotherOC-Rico Let it snow already :iconmotheroc-rico:MotherOC-Rico 5 4 Me at my computer by MotherOC-Rico Me at my computer :iconmotheroc-rico:MotherOC-Rico 8 15
These are some pictures I like.

((RP or at least Mother related art of awesomeness))





My name is Quinn; I'm an aquatic and slightly mechanical chimera from the Chimera Laboratories. I used to be strongly affiliated with the Pigmask Army, but... don't worry about that! I mean, it's not like I have much contact with them... The machine they put in my head is hardly working anymore.
Um, I like exploring, my friends, and I'm learning to like swimming!


((Gwnne pulls the puppet strings
ReconstructedDragon made the icon. C: ))

Current Residence: Most of the time, The Chimera Laboratory
deviantWEAR sizing preference: All I ever wear is this Pigmask jacket thing.
Operating System: The machine in my head.
Wallpaper of choice: Flowered wallpaper... it feels so familiar.
Skin of choice: Chimera... *laughs*
Personal Quote: Oh my Pork!
Quinn is standing in snow that comes up to about half-way up his calves.  He doesn't seem to be very cold, though all he has in terms of winter clothing is a tattered striped scarf that looks as if it's been through a lot and the jacket of his uniform.  He doesn't appear to be too happy about wearing it, but it does look to be keeping him from freezing.

His expression, though, is far from content.  Quinn looks worried, and a bit guilty as well.  Finally he looks up; when he speaks the cold air mists around him.

I haven't been around much, lately, I know...

See, things started to get kind of confusing maybe a month or so... I kept losing my memory, and I would find myself in places far away from here.  Occasionally I would find myself with the Pigmasks again... He shivers as he says this, not entirely from the winter weather.  I haven't figured it out yet, why this has been happening, but I'm working on it.  

For now, I hope I can just stay around here.
Without losing any important, long-term memories.

With this he laughs hesitantly and then stuffs his hands into the pockets of his jacket.


This is a return journal hastily thrown together and disguised as a plot point of Quinn's life.  Yeah.  Not like I planned this out; I just kind of made it up.  Blehh.  Well anyway, he's back, and so am I, and I'm so excited to return to RP-ing with both the people I know and all the new people here! c: ))
  • Listening to: the wind
  • Watching: snow falling


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H-hello... What... what happened to you, why do your feet have webs? I-it's so interesting~
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A human-fish combination? Is it possible for you to breathe underwater? Can you see without your eyes stinging there? How do you breathe? Can you speak to fishes? Do you still eat fish? Would that be considered cannibalism?

((Cute ID, by the way))
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Woah..! *runs up quickly and looks at Quinn with a smile*
You have really awesome eyes! How did they get like that? *Continues smiling brightly and then his face turns red with embarrassment* O-oh I'm sorry! I shouldn't have been so.. erm.. blunt. I've just never seen something like that before.
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